[CLOSED] Hosting Infections All Day

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[CLOSED] Hosting Infections All Day

Post  FM Commander on Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:47 am

Lobby Status: CLOSED

I notice a lot of people joining my game that aren't members of the site. I request that you become a member of this website if you are going to join our lobbies. If this is abused I will require a membership to be able to see these forums. It is free and only takes a minute so I don't understand how hard it could be.

GT: fizzyrocketeer
Private Chat only friend requests lead to lobby closure
NOTE: I am not at my xbox just join my game so don't post fake if you don't get an invite

Once in;
1.Back out
2.Go to splitscreen
3.Start the game
4.End the game
5.Go to xbox live
6.Find a match and have fun

The Infection Includes:

Wall Hack

Aim Bot


Red Box

Force Host


FarKinfe (HOST ONLY)

Super Jump (Host Only)

Toggle CarToon to Chrome [LB]

uav Always on

Here People from far away


Flash/stuns no effect

Shoot choppers down easy

Unlimited Ammo

Once you get in please post legit if you enjoyed.

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Re: [CLOSED] Hosting Infections All Day

Post  FM Admin on Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:14 pm

nice post
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